Sustainable Act

It may be beautiful and it may be trendy. But before you buy it check if it meets your standards.

After years linked to the textile sector, we have developed a broad and transparent concept of sustainability. The range of references to take into account when we talk about a sustainable product is so big that they rarely all occur at once.

A sustainable garment does not only imply the origin of its fabric. Its manufacture, logistics or even promotional tools are as or more important than its components. It is useless to use organic cotton if it is made in a workshop where working conditions do not meet our standards. Or that the distance between the brand and the manufacturer is considerably large.

At Bassal we take all these factors into account when we value working with a brand. It is not useful to us if it is beautiful or fashionable when any of these points is flagrantly breached. We value the transparency of our brands and transmit it to our customers so that they have reliable information about the garments they choose to wear.