We Have Moved :) - Bassal Store

We Have Moved :)

By Pol Bassal

After a couple of years at our first store we decided it was time to move and bring our project together with other many good brands to more people in our city. From a residential area to a much centric and bigger store.

When we started this adventure we wanted to become a reference in our city and change standards. We wanted to bring conscious and sustainable ways to understand fashion to as more people possible. We wanted to give chances to new talents and confront them with traditional luxury brands. Expose how fragile some marketing claims are and make local design a proud standard for newcomers.

We have done as less intervention as possible into our new space, adding some light and including sustainable and local made furniture. It looks great and as our old store our team is willing to make everyone feel comfortable and at home. When visiting Barcelona take your time and come to visit. We will for sure be very happy to have you with us!


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