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Sustainable? SUSTAINABLE!

By Pol Bassal

During the last years sustainable has been in vogue as part of the clothing and accessories industries. We started to hear about organic cotton, water consumption, natural colors and it has evolved to circular manufacturing, recycled fibers, plastic-free packaging and new natural based fibers.

Though it's a great approach and helps very much to spear the word at Bassal Store we believe it's just the start of a greater thing.

Transparency is the most valuable tool to decide whether something is suitable to our values or not. Our new shirt may be lovely and made 100% with organic cotton but was it made under labour conditions we would not accept for ourselves? Was it properly taxed at the country you bought it from or your money went to an offshore subsidiary?

Being completely transparent is the only way customers may freely decide if a product or a service meets their values. That's why we believe that being transparent with all the brands we manage and checking before they become part of our world if they meet our sustainable standards is the only way we can work in order to bring a better decision to our customers.

As we say: Before you buy it check if it meets your own sustainable standards.


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