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Do we understand the concept of luxury?

By Pol Bassal

What is luxury? As a strict definition, luxury is the high category, excellence or exquisiteness that has something for the quality of the raw materials used in its manufacture, its high performance or services. Currently there is a variety of brands that flood the media, parades, social networks and streets around the world that we associate with luxury due to its high price. But the question I ask myself is, are they really a luxury?

From my point of view, many of these brands abuse the concept and forget its definition. They make high-end products, yes, and many of them are excellently made, but what happens when you replicate the same model hundreds of thousands of times? That loses its essence and fades hopelessly.

To the definition with which we have opened the thread, we must add a factor: availability. A simple t-shirt from a paradisiacal resort is a luxury since you have to go to that place to get it, you can't buy it anywhere. A leather bag made by artisans who make a few dozen of them a year is a luxury due to the excellence of its materials and the scarcity of units. A bag bought in a high-end store but available in any big city in the world and thousands of retailers is not a luxury.


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